Inflatable house (realization of prototype 2002)
The structure, entirely transparent and aligned with a traditional house style, is based on the principle of modulation. In fact, it is composed of three inflatable elements measuring 2.50m. length, 2,30m. height and 1.5 m. thickness.
Modules, anchored on the ground by a system made of steel platforms, are assembled together through zip closings, and set in such a way as to prevent that water sooks into the walls. Once the length of the house has been determined, each module is concluded in non-inflatable plugging panels, that can contain a door or window as needed. These last elements themselves, which allow for the ventilation of the internal space, are characterized by a side zip closing system.
We think to provide the structure with elements that would also be inflatable and transparent, to respond to the project intentions: armchairs, sofas, beds, tables, showers etc. Electric energy will be provided by the use of amorphous silicon modules, set on the inclined external surface south oriented by means of a system of prefabricated zip closings that will need to be prefabricated, as indicated in the project.

Anna rita emili- Architect
Marco Vailati- Engineer

Aldo Innocenzi-Artist

Pamela Ferri
Jo Fonti

Plasteco Milan

Emanuele Piccardo, Adrea Panzironi

Punto It, Rome; Triennale, Milan 2008, Casa dell’Architettura, Rome; presentation of the project in Sky Cult channel , presentation of project in Canale 5 channel